June 22, 2021

What exactly is Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness insurance has everything related to living and absolutely nothing to do with passing away. It’s what most people would need should they ever contract a critical illness (e. g., stroke, heart attack, cancer etc . ) and survive the challenge or diagnosis for 30 days. With few exceptions, a person must simply live for 30 days beyond the particular date of diagnosis. That’s this! Then a tax-free lump sum is paid to you – hassle free.
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What are the likelihood of contracting a critical illness you ask?

Well, here are a few startling statistics: In Canada, 1 in 2 will certainly contract some form of cancer; 1 in 2 heart attack victims are under age 65; 1 in 3 or more stroke victims are under sixty-five and 3 out of 4 family members are affected by a critical illness of one type or another.

The good news is that 75% of stroke victims and 95% associated with heart attack victims survive the initial strike. That means the passage of thirty days beyond diagnosis is almost an assurance.

But there’s one more thing: The fact that a person survives a critical illness for 30 days may not mean they are going to be completely functional beyond that point.

Insurance money would provide the funds needed if, say, you’re not able to perform normal duties and need nursing care, or if you can’t go back to work for many weeks or perhaps months. Or money may be needed for expensive ramps perhaps or other medical equipment. Who knows? Trips away from country for more timely treatment are expensive.

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