November 1, 2020

Parrot Rescue – Michigan Has an Solution

Pet parrot rescue in Michigan is an example of what it should be in every state and in every country. KARE, a pet parrot rescue group in Michigan, is in business not only to rescue unwanted pet parrots. They also adopt out pet parrots that have been rescued, and educate people about parrots. Reading their mission statement is encouraging. In it they state that they believe
all pet birds deserve quality care, love, and respect. They also believe there should be a place where bird owners can find the most current bird care information possible.

The pet parrot rescue in Michigan puts its mission statement to work in many ways. Usually this means parrot rescue on a small scale. Perhaps the biggest parrot rescue project in recent years was the one that followed Hurricane Katrina. KARE deployed rescuers to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in support of Hurricane Katrina’s bird victims, parrots or not. The parrot rescuers joined the huge animal rescue effort that was just getting underway. Pet parrot rescue in Michigan became pet parrot rescue in Louisiana.

How It Works

Pet parrot rescue in Michigan, KARE takes its name from the words Knapptime, Adoption, Rescue, and Education. Those three branches form the basis for any successful parrot rescue program.

1. Rescue: Parrot rescue always begins with rescuing pet parrots. This does not always mean rescue such as was needed after Hurricane Katrina. It may be as simple as accepting, from owners, pet parrots that are no longer wanted. Parrots can live for 50 years or more. Many owners do not think about that when purchasing a parrot. Some time later, as the owner’s life changes, he or she can no longer care for the parrot. In some cases, the owner dies, and the parrot is left behind. In other cases, the parrot becomes aggressive, and the owner no longer wants the pet. Parrot rescue accepts these parrots and cares for them.

2. Adoption: Parrot rescue involves finding new homes for parrots that have been rescued. This is easy with some parrots. They are well behaved, beautiful, and talkative. The adopting family can get a good pet for less than they would pay elsewhere. Finding homes for some rescued parrots is more difficult. The bird may need training to correct behavioral problems. It may have been neglected or abused. The parrot rescue group must evaluate the rescued parrots, and find appropriate homes. In some case, the best home must be a shelter or sanctuary, since it will never again do well in a pet situation.

3. Education: The third prong involved in parrot rescue is education. The pet parrot rescue in Michigan works to educate people who are interested in bird ownership. They want to help them learn the proper care of pet birds. This includes instruction before purchase about the bird’s expected life span. It includes information about proper feeding of parrots and how large a cage a parrot needs. Parrot rescue also should educate people about the options they have if they find they cannot keep a parrot.
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If You Need Parrot Rescue

People who reach a point where they cannot keep a pet parrot should contact a place such as this pet parrot rescue in Michigan. Similar parrot rescue groups exist in a number of states.

The reasons for being unable to keep your parrot may be as simple as being unable to afford proper care for the bird. You may have insufficient finances to take the parrot to a veterinarian.

Some people cannot keep a parrot when they relocate overseas. Even relocation that involves a smaller home, or an apartment, may make it logistically impossible to keep the bird.

You could try to sell your parrot, and some people do. Prospective owners may be leery, though, of buying a parrot from a newspaper classified as. They may have heard of parrots that are sold because of aggression. Donating your pet parrot to a parrot rescue group will not give you money in return, but you will know that the parrot will be placed in the right permanent home.

Parrot rescue groups often have waiting lists of adoptive homes. They do everything they can to be sure the bird gets the best possible home.

Kudos for You

Parrot rescue groups often operate in the red. It is costly to care for a number of parrots and other birds. They require numerous cages, hundreds of pounds of food on a regular basis, and modest salaries for their workers.

You will be greatly appreciated when you donate, with your parrot, its cage, perches, playground, toys, and food.

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