September 27, 2020

Research Hotlines Help Students and Mothers and fathers

Instances, they are a-changing. The era associated with running downstairs and asking Mother or Dad to help with research may be coming to an end. These days, students can just as easily use a computer or even cell phone to receive homework help.

Welcome to the New World of Homework Hotlines!

And, what a crowded world it really is fast becoming! Over the last year or so, there has been a virtual explosion of new research hotlines, with a new one seeming in order to pop up every day. (Some businesses use the word “hotline” but are actually research information sites with articles and hyperlinks or paid tutoring services. )

There is a homework hotline to suit every single family, student and budget: free of charge and paid; local, national and international; immediate help and those exactly where someone will get back to you later. A student might call down the street and speak with the friendly librarian, or send an email to a guy across the country, as well as chat with a woman in an entirely different country. Some hotlines are only readily available for a few hours after school; others stay “open” 24/7.

You know, just in case your first grader needs help with those view words at 3 o’clock each morning.

So , are these homework hotlines a good thing or not? Once again, my solution is: it depends. If a student just needs to be pointed in the right direction or has a relatively easy question- then, yes, homework hotlines can be helpful. However , if a student is using a homework hotline because of true lack of understanding and/or a huge deadline looming over head…

Better talk to a tutor or teacher.

We are always looking for quick fixes, aren’t we?
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Be Prepared

If you believe your family might one day want to utilize a homework hotline, I recommend writing down the telephone numbers and/or website addresses today, before you need them. Think forward and at least try to keep the tears and desperation (you or your own child’s) to a minimum.

I prefer local or state hotlines over nationwide and international ones because they are more prone to be familiar with your school’s expectations and assignments and state standards. Check with your school district, neighborhood collection or state office of schooling to find the best local homework hotlines.

A person gotta love free, live homework help- especially if it’s local.

A Word About Homework Hotlines and Safety

Students should never, ever offer their personal information on the phone or online, and the same rule applies to homework hotlines. Teach your children to prevent give out their last name, home deal with, school name, home phone or credit card number. If anyone asks for this type of information, hang up and immediately tell your parents, teacher or another adult a person trust.

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